Our Location

Garden Home Recreation Center

7475 SW Oleson Road

Portland, OR 97223

Phone: (503) 388 - 2266

Our Hours

 Preschool Younger Classes

Age 3 by September 1st

Tues - Thur

9:00  - 12:00

Preschool Older Classes

Age 4 by September 1st

M - W - F

9:00 - 12:00 

Testimonials about Small Friends School

"I looked at six preschools in the southwest area before deciding on Small Friends. It wasn't the closest, it wasn't the least expensive, but it had everything I wanted: a colorful, enticing room with books, a letter-writing station, paint and easels, dress-up clothes, and lots of crafts; a big outdoor play area with age-appropriate equipment and sturdy bikes; and warm, loving teachers who share music, stories, and fun experiences. My daughter comes home with beautiful artwork and new songs after every class. She always has a good time. I would recommend Small Friends to anyone with young children -- I think it's the best preschool in the area."  (Shawn)

"One of the exciting things about Small Friends, and their play-based philosophy, is the way they invest in uncovering a child’s natural curiosity. After two years at the school, my son wants to know how the world works, he asks questions, he wants to research the answers. This, to me, is the heart of knowledge. The staff at Small Friends have given my son more than a place to mature his social skills, they’ve given him a love of learning. " (Laurie)

"It goes without saying that our children are the most important things in our lives so choosing a preschool where we could feel good about taking our children took some time. When we came upon Small Friends it felt very comfortable. The atmosphere was fun, caring and friendly. When we went to our son's open house we wanted to play in the classroom! It was the perfect combination of parent involvement so we could get to know the kids and share the experience with our children and yet give them the space to grow. The teachers are caring and patient and the curriculum is perfect for the age group. Our son, who is now nine, went two years and it was a "no brain-er" to take our daughter there. She is now five and has just a few short months left. My son still talks about it with fond memories and our daughter has made valuable friendships there. We will miss the school as our daughter moves to kindergarten. It has been a wonderful experience for our whole family." (Scott and Debbie)
"When looking for a preschool for our son back in the winter of 2006, a friend of mine said "if you're looking for a co-op, then I know many people who love Small Friends".  So we looked into it.  We attended the information night in January of 2007.  We knew that it would be perfect for our son (shy, quiet, and a late talker).  Our daughter (who we now know is an outgoing very early talker) was two months old when her brother started in the three's class that fall and within weeks we had her on the wait list for the fall of 2010.  Hard to believe that she's more than 1/2 way through her first year at the time I'm writing this!  Our son's speech increased noticeably with almost every class day . . . really! "
"As a result he became more and more confident and even dared try to join in on a freeze dance session during one of his last few weeks at Small Friends.  He is now in 1st grade (reading at a 2nd grade level), hasn't had a speck of issues with speech delay since he was a four-year-old, and is on a competitive gymnastics team at age 7.  Yes, the child who wouldn't even freeze dance!  I know that those two years are a great part of his success now. Our daughter has blossomed in a different way . . . learning to take turns when speaking to both adults and to her peers is where we've seen the most growth." 

"She loves school and asks everyday (not an exaggeration!) if she has school today.  Not once in two years did he say that he would rather not go to school.  The same activities that challenged our son in a positive way are now giving our daughter opportunity to do what she loves (namely getting to present projects to the whole class).  Two completely different children, one perfect school.  It is my opinion that Small Friends is developmentally appropriate for almost any child age  3-5. "  (Liberty)

"When our daughter turned four years old, we felt that it was time to place her in a preschool program for socialization and educational development in preparation for kindergarten and first grade. We researched a number of different preschools in the area,and while most of them were nice, the programs didn’t resonate with what we felt would be a perfect fit for our outgoing, imaginative and creative child. A friend of the family had a child enrolled in the Small Friends preschool program and suggested thatwe contact the school.  We attended the parent orientation and were immediately impressed with the curriculum and environment of the Small Friends Preschool, and the expectation of parental involvement in our child’s education. Our daughter, Solas, attended preschool for the 2009-2010 school year, and blossomed."

"The focus on social skills, learning through play, letter recognition, numbers, music and art, and the benefit of a small class with a low student to teacher ratio was an ideal setting. Solas attended the class taught byLisa Sickler and Willemijn Ilcisin.  We were absolutely thrilled when Small Friends started a kindergarten program. Solas is currently enrolled in the 2010-2011 class. Again the benefits of a small class with more time for one-on-one interaction has been incredible. Since the beginning of the school year in September, Solas has had another cognitive leap.  She is reading, writing, doing low number additions, and absolutely loves and looks forward to attending school each day. "

 "We feel that the tuition we paid Small Friends was worth every penny! Learning should be fun, and Small Friends’ program strives to make each child feel appreciated, validated, and nurtured both mentally and emotionally. We recieve progress reports, and a folder every Friday with Solas’ school work from the week.  Solas will be attending first grade in the fall, and we feel confident that the foundation for self-motivation, socialization, and the reading and writing skills she has so far achieved at Small Friends will prepare her for the public school environment. We only wish that Small Friends had a K-6 program!" (Derek and Shandeen)