Our Location

Garden Home Recreation Center

7475 SW Oleson Road

Portland, OR 97223

Phone: (503) 388 - 2266

Our Hours

 Preschool Younger Classes

Age 3 by September 1st

Tues - Thur

9:00  - 12:00

Preschool Older Classes

Age 4 by September 1st

M - W - F

9:00 - 12:00 

Parent Responsibilities Preschool:

Volunteering in the classroom is a condition of preschool enrollment and is not optional. Only a parent or a designated helper may fulfill this obligation. Parents help in our preschool classrooms 1 to 2 days each month for the entire class session and provide a snack for that day. Teachers are responsible for all planning and activity preparation. We ask that you arrive 5 minutes early on your parent-help days so that you have time to find out what activity you will be doing and are ready to begin as soon as children enter the classroom. Our goal is to include you in such a way that you feel comfortable with what you are doing and can enjoy interacting with the children while you are with us.

Preschool families are also required to participate on one committee (making playdough, working in the garden, assisting with laundry, creating a photo album, etc.) for a total of approximately one hour each month.


Committee assignments are valuable contributions to the quality of Small Friends.  Parents are expected to participate in one committee’s activities.  Below is a list of the committees with their descriptions. You will be assigned one work committee. The time commitment expected is about 1 hour a month outside of class time.


This committee will be given resources from Small Friends or use their own materials to create visual aids for stories.  Members will be given occasional activity preparation materials and/or assist teachers in displaying children’s art.


Members of this committee will in turn be responsible for making batches of playdough or other clay-like recipes for our use in class. You will provide the ingredients for the dough. These are few and inexpensive. You may use the school watercolors and/or Cream of Tartar available for your use.  The schedule will be on a 2 week rotation.


Members of this committee will re-shelve books that are pulled for use in the classroom. One parent will coordinate the schedule so that everyone is responsible for a given week/month (whatever works).  This can be done while your child is in school or afterwards.


Members of this committee set cones out on our playground before the preschool sessions begin and put them away when the sessions are over each day. Each member will be responsible for setting them out OR picking them up one day each week.


Members of this committee are the behind the scenes parents that pick up the small tasks for our classroom celebrations. They would have one task for each event; such as setting up and putting away chairs, providing refreshments (punch and cookies), manning the refreshment table, cleaning up, etc.  This makes it possible for everyone to have time to enjoy the event.  There are 4 events throughout the year:  Ice Cream Social, Winter Program, Information Night and Promotion Day.


For those who love to sew, this is a wonderful opportunity to do some light sewing projects that benefit the school. Generally the members make various dress-ups for the children and, occasionally, other items such as some curtains for various storage areas or story props. Any costs incurred for materials are reimbursed by the school.


This committee is for those who would like to take photos of various special occasions such as Halloween, Back to School Night, etc.  The school provides the film, camera, film development and other supplies.  If you choose to use your own camera, costs will be your own responsibility.  A parent from each class takes pictures and creates a simple photo album of 8-10 pages, double sided.  The materials are provided for the photo album.


This committee’s assignments vary by class and room.  A parent from each class may be involved taking home and laundering paint smocks and towels, etc. so these things can be clean for next weeks morning class.  Members may help feed and care for the various classroom pets by cleaning cages, cleaning fish tanks, getting crickets etc. 


This is for parents who would be willing to be called to come in as a substitute teacher on days when a teacher is absent, sometimes on short notice. You would not have curriculum responsibilities, but will participate with classroom management, supervision of children and other teacher responsibilities.  You need to have alternative care for any siblings and you need to be available on the days that your child is in preschool.  This committee is for those who enjoy being in their child’s classroom, who have available childcare for siblings, and a flexible schedule on short notice.


Members of this committee will share in weeding and maintaining the outside garden areas used for planting and class projects. Three 3-hour Saturday work sessions are scheduled throughout the year.  The school will provide any materials needed. Both parents are expected to come to the work day – children are all welcome.